Member Benefits

The Connecticut Psychiatric Society is the professional association in the state of Connecticut that focuses exclusively on the needs of physicians who specialize in psychiatry. CPS offers advocacy, information, support, and educational opportunities to help you serve your patients and enhance your career. Psychiatrists at all levels of practice, from members-in-training through senior-level psychiatrists are represented.

Because the Connecticut Psychiatric Society is a district branch of the American Psychiatric Association, when you become a member, you are able to enjoy the combined benefits of both organizations.

  • Advocacy: CPS advocates for the needs and interests of psychiatrists in Connecticut. They work on legislative issues and engage in grassroots advocacy efforts to ensure that the voice of psychiatrists is heard.
  • Support: CPS offers support to psychiatrists at all levels of practice, from those in training to senior-level psychiatrists. This support can include assistance with professional challenges and guidance on various aspects of your career
  • Educational Opportunities: CPS provides educational opportunities to help you enhance your knowledge and skills. These opportunities can be instrumental in improving patient care and advancing your career.
  • Quarterly Newsletter: Stay informed about the latest news, events, and updates in the field of psychiatry through the society's quarterly newsletter.
  • Professional Practice Guidance: Access resources and guidance on various aspects of psychiatric practice, including starting a private practice, practice management, dealing with managed care, understanding CPT codes, and adhering to ethical guidelines.
  • Discounted Malpractice Insurance: As a member of CPS, you may be eligible for discounted malpractice insurance through the American Psychiatric Association (APA), which can help you protect your practice and reduce your insurance costs.
  • Professional Development and Networking: Connect with other psychiatrists and mental health professionals in Connecticut through networking opportunities provided by CPS. These connections can be valuable for collaboration and career advancement.
  • Members-only Website Access: Gain exclusive access to the society's website, which may contain additional resources, tools, and information specifically designed for members.

By becoming a member of the Connecticut Psychiatric Society, you can take advantage of these benefits to better serve your patients, stay informed about the latest developments in psychiatry, and enhance your career in the field of psychiatry.